Monday, February 20, 2012

Cooper's Mutton Bustin'

Tonight Cooper got to do what he has looked forward to for a long time...Mutton Bust. He has talked about doing this for years. Last year was the first year he could have based on age, and he didn't get drawn(it is a lottery system). He was bummed! So luckily he got drawn this year. Tonight was his big night!
My four cowboys before we headed to the rodeo
He was so excited to ride that sheep. We were so excited for him too. When we checked in, he was given the same number Colton got when he did this four years ago...#8. That was pretty cool.

Proud brothers waiting during check in
Then Cody took him to his "holding area" and said he was so brave and excited when he left him there.(They make you leave them) Anyway, we were so nervous while we waited. Luckily, Cooper was the first one to ride. He did GREAT!! He stayed on the full 6 seconds and came off pretty smoothly. He smiled and waved and gave the rodeo clown five. He scored an 84 which is awesome!
Giving the rodeo clown five

The group of mutton busters on the jumbotron
He didn't win(it was tough night of competition)but each participant got a bag full of goodies including a hat, buckle and a trophy! He LOVES his trophy and is so proud of it!! We were so proud of our little cowboy!!
Showing off his buckle and trophy

This trophy made him so happy!! =)

Our family
The performer after the rodeo was Terry Fator. He won America's Got Talent a few years back and is awesome! He is an impersonator/ventriloquist. Very impressive! The boys loved him and didn't want to leave. Frankly, I didn't either but we did have to leave before the performance ended because it was already 10:00--on a school night! 
We had a such a great night. I am thinking I will let my boys sleep in and be a little late to school tomorrow. =) SO worth it!!! 
Our rodeo contestant on his way out! 


KERRY said...

That is one huge trophy!! Good on your little cowboy for participating :)
You guys are such a beautiful family, such nice pics! That first one is awesome, the clarity is amazing, frame it!!

Hillary said...

Yay! Congratulations to Cooper! We couldn't be more proud of him!

Love you Coops!


April Westerhold said...

Yay for Cooper! How exciting for him. You got some great pics. It is awesome that he got the same number as Colton!

Rach said...

I was looking through some of my blog followers today and came across yours. You're children are absolutely adorabe (but I'm sure a handful!).