Monday, April 8, 2013

Playin' Ball- My Cardinal

I finally got some good pictures of Cooper playing some baseball.(Uniforms took forever and he had to miss a game because of his program.) Anyway, Cooper is a Cardinal this year and he loves it. It is coach pitch and they do have 6 pitches instead of 3.  He is enjoying the season so far and doing a great job! He has gotten several good hits and he loves to just be out there. He is so funny. He can be caught pretending to pitch while he is playing in the outfield. He has his whole wind up down. =)

We took a team picture after this game because a few players were going to have to miss the official picture day. How cute are these guys?

This next one was too funny. The head coach said to pretend they smelled poop. Ha! 

Anyway, love watching my #2 play ball! 

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Angie said...

It always made me proud to see my daughter in Sports! Your Little Man is a pretty darn cute Cardinal :)