Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Playing ball- My Dodger

We are well into baseball season but the boys just recently finally got their uniforms so I am finally getting some pictures. =)
Colton is a Dodger this year. A hard working one too! They were practicing three times a week until they started the preseason games. They have played a few of those but last week was their first season game. Colton has done really well. He has gotten more walks than anything, a few strike outs and during the first "real" game, he got his first big hit. He sent that ball sailing way out into center field. It was an awesome hit and he was thrilled! We were too! I am hoping it built his confidence a bit. I predict lots more great hits this season. =) The Dodgers are looking really good. They won their first game 15-7! Yay! Most of all, he really seems to be enjoying it.

Cody is a proud Dad. He helps out as much as he can.

Mammy and Papa were there to see the big hit and win!
They are super devoted fans!
It is gonna be a fun season! Stay tuned for pictures of my Cardinal!


Brittany said...

It never ceases to amaze me how stinkin adorable your family is! ;) Love his little uniform

Kerry said...

Oh I love his little uniform! Ryan has an LA Dodgers hat :)
So good to hear he is playing well and having tons of fun!