Friday, July 22, 2011


This week we have had Vacation Bible School at our church. The theme was PandaMania--Where God is Wild About You!! My boys loved it!! They did lots of neat crafts, learned fun songs, played fun games and had great bible lessons! Our church was packed with kids...approximately 650 children attended this week. Amazing right? I loved sitting in the full sanctuary at the end of the morning and seeing all of those kids excited and singing about the Lord!! Carter spent the mornings in the nursery so I could volunteer. I was a little worried about him being in there for 3-4 hours every morning but he did so good. They kept him so busy and he made so many cute things.
I worked with a great group of ladies(who just so happen to be some of my best friends) on the snack committee. It was a fun place to volunteer. There were times that it got a little crazy but we were able to chat while we worked and still spend some time with the kids while they came through for their snack. 

My sil Laura (holding my sweet niece Livvy), Melissa, Me, Jenni and Laci (holding her sweet Harper)

The favorite snack of the week

My big boys on the stage

Cooper next to a cute Panda

Carter(with crazy hair) by a cute prop
 There was a little competition between the boys and girls. They were trying to see who brought the most pennies. The prize was "noodling" the children's pastor or the intern. The boys won so Emily the intern was gonna get noodled. As Pastor Jody was taking the second bowl of noodles over to her he "slipped" and noodled himself too. The kids went wild over this. They loved it!! Poor Colton woke up sick with a stomach bug this morning so he had to miss this part. I took video for him though. (That also explains why I don't have a picture of him alone.) Oh and the total that the kids brought in along with one big donation was approximately $3000.00--awesome!!
Emily and Pastor Jody
 It was such a fun week!!! We are worn out but we look so forward to next year!!

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Brittany said...

this must be the most popular theme this year = layton enjoyed it too and loved the music!!!!

enjoy your sunday -- and happy anniversary!! :)