Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer nights

I love that it is doesn't get dark til after 9 o'clock at night in the summer. We have so much time together and can have so much fun during these summer nights. Anyway,  my boys really love fishing. Our neighborhood has a few little lakes that have been filled with fish but the last time they tried to catch some there they had no luck. Luckily, our great friend Travis, offered for us to come fishing on his property with him and his kiddos one evening. He assured the boys that they would stay busy catching. Well, he was so right. Pretty much as soon as the boys threw their hooks out, they would have a bite. Sometimes the fish were very small and sometimes they were a little bigger. No one cared, it was just fun to be catching.



Travis and Jenni are close friends of ours and they have two precious kiddos(and one on the way). Their little boy Ryan is just a few months older than Carter. These two cute boys are already great friends. (That is so cool to me cause Cody and Travis have been friends since kindergarten.) Anyway, Ryan kept calling Carter "buddy" and I loved it!
Here are some pictures of the two littlest buddies having a great time together...
Oh to know what they were saying in this moment. Love the look on Ryan's face.

Seriously, how cute are they??
And here are my four favorite people...
And here is the hubs and I...


Janelle said...

Stopping by from Jenna's Journey. Your little boys are all so handsome :) I never thought I would be a mom to a boy, but I love it now :)

Meg said...

Here from Jenna's challenge!! What sweet pictures. Our son's name is Collin and Cooper, Colton and Carter where on our list if we had a second son!! :)