Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Take me out to the ball game...

We were invited to watch the San Antonio Missions play on Sunday night. It was awesome! Cody's office was invited by a company that has a suite there so we got to watch the game the best way possible. It was air conditioned, had tons of good food and drinks ready for us and ice cream sundaes topped it off. My boys loved it.

Before we left for the game, Cody was telling the boys they should bring their gloves in case a foul ball was hit their way. The prospect of getting a foul ball made them so excited. (Somehow, we managed to leave the gloves at home.) Anyway, when the game got started, all Colton could do was wish for a foul ball. When the players hit a base hit, he would groan. I asked him what was wrong and he said "I want them to hit a foul ball so I can catch it." Well, sure enough just a few innings into the game a foul ball came full speed straight for our suite. It smacked and dented the metal wall next to us and bounced into our suite. Colton was the first to grab it. His night was made!! It was very cool!

We ran into the "Ballapeno" at the play area and the boys were more than happy to pose with him.

The Missions won 3-2!! After the game, the kids are invited to come and run the bases. Colton and Cooper were so excited to do that.

Colton headed to second

Cooper headed to second base.

Colton is the blur that just rounded third base and Cooper is headed there. Oh and the taco on the base is the mascot from Henry's Puffy Taco. Isn't that hilarious!?
 We had such a great time and the boys can't wait to go back!!
 I snapped this next picture as we were walking into the game. They had no idea I was taking their picture. Isn't it just the sweetest!?!


The Best of Both Worlds said...

Awesome pics! Looks like it was a great time : )

Emily faliLV said...

This is the sweetest post! Especially the last pic! You have the cutest little men!