Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wives weekend at the lease

The whole rowdy bunch of cute kiddos
I went down to the deer lease with my hubby and boys this weekend. Carter and I have not yet been down there and Cody and my big boys have begged us to come. Luckily, my hubby is on a lease with some of our best friends. SO all of us wives decided we would go down there and enjoy the great outdoors together. =) I have to admit that it was lots of fun. There were plenty of kiddos keeping each happy and entertained so we were able to enjoy hanging out together. The only down side...the mosquitoes. Lots of Off was needed. It was a warm weekend but we woke up this morning to the feeling of Fall. A nice 58 degrees. For us that felt pretty cold but so good. Woohoo!  Here are some of the fun pics from the weekend!
Carter with his "best friend" Ryan

Cooper, Colton and their hunting buddy Carson with the roadrunner

The hubs and I

Reagan and Morgan--adorable girls
Check out this seriously adorable toddler trio--my Carter, Rylie and Ryan. They are all so funny! Getting a picture of them is funny too. =)

Cooper and Carson
Carter-- so happy with headlight and a smore

Oddly enough- I got no pictures of us wives! Oh well--next time!

Have to add this next picture of my Colton. He read a book the whole drive home(about 3 hours). I love that he is reading more now because he wants to and not just because he has too. Such a good boy! =)


Veronika said...

Looks like fun! How cool that Colton is enjoying reading, you must be one proud mama! (:

April said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Love your camo shirt by the way.

Kerry said...

I love it when kids read!!!
You totally rock the camo too girlfriend lol
I am afraid I am too much of a woosy scardey cat to be anywhere near, let alone touch, a deceased animal!!!
So good you had fun though and the first pic of the toddler trio, the little girls expression is priceless :)