Thursday, October 4, 2012

Camo Cupcakes

I found the cutest idea on Katy's fabulous blog, Crafty Mama. She has a tutorial on how to make Camouflage cupcakes and since my hubby is an avid hunter, it was the perfect birthday treat. Katy walks it through step by step and it was so easy to follow. I have to say I made a huge mess and it was a time consuming process but they turned out so cute. Yummy too!

Katy's icing looked so pretty but I do not have any tools to do the same. =( I guess I should get some basic icing needs. Anyway, I just used a tub of cream cheese icing and her idea to add the green food coloring and cocoa powder to make it a muted color. 

Mine may not have looked very pretty but my hubby was impressed and they were made with a lot of love! =)


April said...

This is seriously cool! I must make these and surprise the hubby too. I've never heard of camo cupcakes.

Veronika said...

love them!!

Kerry said...

I really need to try these, living in a house where camo is my husband's work uniform, he has it on everyday!! I like the look of them without the icing too though, saves the trouble hehe