Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Ball

Colton chose to play baseball this fall and we were excited to sign him up. He has played the last few Spring seasons but everything I have heard about Fall ball was that it is a great time to build your skills and is a little more relaxed than Spring. That has been true so far. Colton has moved up to the Minors age group which means that the game gets a little more challenging. Now the coach doesn't step in and pitch to the kids after four balls have been pitched, you just take a walk. Also, they can steal bases. This is big--that means a lot more paying attention.=) Colton has really been learning a lot and the games are so fun to watch. He is enjoying it and I am so glad he is getting to learn the new rules in a laid back season. We have a great team full of good boys that work so hard!

Love my #6

 Saturday was a great game. Colton walked one of his times at bat and was able to score a run from that. He did strike out once but also hit a great double one time at bat. Then last night we made up a game that got rained out a few weeks ago. Colton was walked twice and struck out once. I love watching him out there on the field! He is really enjoying the game.
Hayden, my Colton, Luke and Ben

Here are some of the most devoted fans at each and every game....some cute little brothers. They have so much fun running around the fields!
My Carter and my Cooper, Andres and Ian

Proof of stealing and sliding

We just have a few more weeks left in the season--play ball!

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