Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dippin' Dots--I mean SNOW

Last night we actually got a decent amount of snow. School got delayed by two hours so the boys go to hang around and play in it this morning. The first thing they said was that it looked just like Dippin' Dots, the yummy ice cream we are always sure to get at Schlitterbahn. They even talked about flavoring ours. =) 

They had a great time running around and throwing snow. Our "Dippin' Dots" were too dry to build a snowman but a few snowballs were made. 

Camo Kitty--Wheres Ollie?

We sure enjoyed our snow and so far it hasn't all melted. But in true Texas weather style, we are expected have a high of 70 on Saturday. Gotta love it!


Katie said...

A delayed school day is awesome!

I can't wait until our weather is in the 70s! ; )

Kerry said...

Hey Melanie! Look who is back?! I am hoping to get back into more of a regular blogging schedule after my unintentional break. Let it be known that yours was the first post that I read on my come-back tour :) These pics are super cute and your boys are handsome little things (your baby is growing up!) I love these snow pics too, looks like a lot of fun was had! I wish we experienced snow. Although Texas is not somewhere I would imagine gets snow, but you have proved me wrong ;) I hope you are doing well and recovering nicely from your surgery. I look forward to keeping up with you much more from now on!! Lots of love and hugs to you and your sweet family xoxo