Monday, July 21, 2014


Our church had another successful and fun Vacation Bible School. Some days as many as 1200 kids came through the doors to learn about God! Nothing quite like a room full of kids singing and praising the Lord...AMAZING! I helped in the kitchen with snacks again and it was busy but great! The theme was Weird Animals and my boys loved every minute of the week!

Cooper and his buddy Cole

Carter- proud of his mask

Harper, Ryan, Rylee and Carter

Hayden and my Colton
Yes- they have sticker earrings =)

Carter, Harper, Ryan, Rylee and Wyatt
                                                            Dress up day..
My nephew Luke and Cooper

Rylee, Ryan Harper and my Carter

My cuties!
SO thankful to be part of a church that is so invested in our kids!!!!!

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Angie said...

1200 kids, that is amazing
I bet it was such a blessing to just be there