Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cooper is 9!!!!!!

Today my middle baby turns 9 years old!! I can't believe it! My Cooper Wiley is a full of fun, energetic, smart, athletic, joy-filled, loving and handsome third grader. He does great in school making mostly A's and a few recent B's. He is so much fun to hang out with! My Coop is happiest when he is outside and active. He loves to hunt, fish, pitch, throw a football and shoot hoops. He is a great big brother and an amazing son!
Best friends: Cole, Carson, Charlie, Bobby and Ian
Favorite subject: Math
Favorite place to eat: Subway
Favorite food: Pizza and Tacos
Favorite dessert: Cookies and Chocolate ice cream
Favorite candy: Kit-Kat and Airheads
Favorite color: Turquiose
Favorite game: Minecraft
Favorite sport: Basketball

Cody and I are so BLESSED to be his parents! We couldn't love him more!

HaPpY hApPy birthday Cooper Wiley! 

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