Tuesday, November 10, 2015

20 Year Reunion

Man! Typing that title makes me feel old! ;)
Cody and I had graduated from high school 20 years ago in May but the actual reunion was planned for November. Although Facebook makes you feel somewhat connected it was nice to see some people face to face.
We went to the Canyon Cougar football game on Friday night.

Then on Saturday, we had lunch at Boho Bites in Gruene. It was for everyone and their families. The kids ran around playing football and jumping in a bouncy house. (that is why I never captured a pic of them)

We had a baseball tournament for Cooper to get to so we had to leave from there but I am so glad we had gone. It was great to see everyone and their families.

My hubby is in the back right with his cap on. 

Carter and a few kiddos jumped in. 

I was terrible and never took any good pictures! Weird I know. I got all of these on FB. =)

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