Friday, January 15, 2016

I have a TEENAGER!!!!!

I cannot even believe that I typed that! My oldest boy is 13 today! I know we all say it, but really where does the time go?? What is so neat is that it is not nearly as scary as it sounds. =)  My Colton is becoming a young man. I mean he has always been such a neat kid and fun to talk to but now we have these real conversations and he really gets things. Just last night, I was helping him blow dry his hair, he is very into looking good for the ladies, so he didn't want it to dry sticking up. =) We were just hanging out in the bathroom chatting about all sorts of stuff and I just looked at him with awe. He came from me! 13 years ago-he made me a Mama and now - he is this super cool teenager!
I have to brag on him since it is his bday post and all. Colton Wyatt is doing so awesome in 7th grade. He got straight A's the first semester. He tried real football for the first time. He worked so hard, learned a lot and really liked it. He is showing sheep again and at the practice show the other day he got two first place ribbons. He shows such calm in the ring. He will try out for a select baseball team this coming weekend and then the middle school baseball team in the spring. That is his favorite sport and I love watching him play! He continues to work hard and improve. Colton has a great group friends and although he is a little girl crazy he doesn't let it distract him too much. =)  I am just beyond proud of this boy. I love that he still comes up and gives me huge hugs no matter where we are. Cody and I are so blessed to be his parents!! We love him more than words!

Happy 13th birthday Colton Wyatt!!!

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