Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Little Artist

Colton is so into drawing these days. He gets home and wants his paper and crayons. If he is watching a show he will ask me to pause it so he can draw the characters. Sometimes he props up one of his toys and uses it as a model for a picture he wants to draw. Then once he is done, he gets some tape and goes to hang it in his "art studio", better known as his room. (He is running out of wall space in there.) I love to watch him in deep concentration when he is hard at work at his new found skill. Here are few pictures of him drawing away one morning and of two of his pieces of artwork...Buzz and Woody.


Texas Mom said...
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Texas Mom said...

Okay.... little grammar error there, had to delete the previous comment. Can't have that..... Anyways, I am amazed at his art. I can't believe he sets up his toys and draws them! I have never seen drawings so detailed from a 5 year old! He has definite artistic talent! Wow!