Thursday, June 20, 2013

A day at the Bahn

We got Schlitterbahn passes this summer and I gathered up the strength to take all three boys all by myself. =) I know that probably sounds terrible but it is hard work to go it alone in a water park. Here are the rules I set before we left.

*First, I have to explain to the big boys that we will not be able to do very many older kid rides. The splitting up is not cool with me. Too crowded and no way to get in touch.
*Second, Carter wears his floatie every.single.second. Luckily, he's good with that.
*Third, we pack a lunch and drinks. The only thing I bring money for is Dippin' Dots. The passes already cost an arm and a leg and they like to charge a finger or toe for each snack they sell.
*Fourth, we shellac in suncreen several times. No complaints.

We had a great time! We were able to ride the Torrent River where we got in tubes and went around a wave pool area. It was fun for all of us. Colton and Cooper even did this a little on their own while Carter and I watched closely from a kiddie slide area. Then we all rode The Falls which is a tube ride with lots of rapids. It was fun but super exhausting for me because I had to be in a tube and Cooper and Carter both need me to hold their tube. It pulls in all directions and works lots of weird muscles. =) We also went on a 5 story ride called The Wolfpack Raft slide. Three of us could go in one raft so Colton went with a father and son right behind us.The line was way long(close to an hour) and it was almost worth it. =) All of the boys loved playing in Hans Hideout which is a big, multi-level fun house with lots of dumping buckets, water cannons, tunnels and slides. We spent lots of time there.

 We had a wonderful day! I am so glad I braved it!!=)

Carter was pooped! Sacked out in the car!

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Angie said...

Looks like a blast. I'm like you, I don't do many outings with my kids alone. It's just tough. My two youngest are 1 and 3 and unless my teenager is with us, it is almost impossible!