Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Simple Summer Day

Yesterday was one of those wonderful summer days where we enjoyed the simple things. Running through a sprinkler, splashing, squirting water, snow cones and lots of laughter. We didn't leave the house or spend any money and we had a great time! Planning on having many more of these kinds of days.

He cracks me up! 

Squirter stand off 

Don't worry, Cooper stood there willingly. 

Ahhhh...sweet summer!


Anonymous said...

Melanie!!! I haven't blogged in FOREVER and haven't even READ a blog in forever! Loved this post. Aren't those simple summer days grand!! Looks like your boys had tons of fun! Oh, they are getting so big too! I thought you had "little" boys...you have young men! Here's to many more simple, sweet summer days...

Kerry said...

And even soaking wet your three boys manage to take a gorgeous picture!! What a fun day, I love days like this one where everything you need is right there in front of you. This is what memories are made of, I can't wait for Summer!!