Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We love camp!

My boys had another amazing week at T bar M's daycamp last week. This was Colton's fifth summer to go and Cooper's second. Everyday they came home worn out from all of the swimming, games and playtime. The best part is that everyday they come home with more knowledge about God and how good HE is!

My campers ready to start the fun!

Colton and Graham

Cooper and his buddy Carson

Color games! 

Go Omegas

The last afternoon, the parents are invited to be part of the last "meeting". It is always an emotional thing for me. Seeing all of the kids run in and sing awesome songs and praise the Lord is just AMAZING!! 
We get to meet with the boys' coaches for the week. They give each kid a characteristic that best describes them. Colton's coach gave him Respectfulness. He said that Colton was always listening, and doing what he was supposed to do. Also, that he always added to the conversation during batter's box(bible study). 

Cooper's coach gave him Passoniate. He said that Cooper was always ready to do each activity and eager to help others.  

Colton's group

Cooper's group
The camp photographer caught these next two awesome shots of Colton making the "Leap of Faith". I love them and plan to blow them up for his room!

Got this cute one of Colton and Graham doing their thing. =)

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