Friday, October 18, 2013


Our Elementary School does a fun anti-bullying presentation... The Morris Brother Bully Busters. It is done by NERDS (Never Ending Radical Dudes). The program uses humor, music skits
and audience participation to send the message not to
engage in bullying behavior.
So the kids were encouraged to dress as nerds. My boys loved getting into character. 

My handsome nerds--playing the part! =) 

My boys even got to be part of the program. They have awesome teachers who texted me pictures of my boys being volunteers on stage. 

Cooper's teacher emailed me this picture of Cooper with some of his good buddies. 
How cute are they?

The Morris Brothers are awesome and do such a great job of getting the "no bullying" message across. My boys loved the program and told me every funny and serious detail. So thankful for our wonderful school! 


April said...

Cute and what great teachers to send you pics!

Amanda M. said...

These are awesome!