Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bday Celebration for Colton

Colton's real birthday was on a Wednesday so that day was a simple day. We started with the traditional pancake breakfast and he opened some presents before school.

Have to mention, that Cooper saved a game he got for Christmas and hid it as a bday gift for Colton. He was so excited to give it to him!

                                                                    Brotherly love. =)

 Carter and I took him lunch and a donut cake to school.

That afternoon, he came home and got his big gift from Cody and I am our parents. He was so excited about his new very own laptop!! Then we met some family at Freddy's Frozen Custard(his choice) for dinner.

Then yesterday, we picked up 5 of his favorite friends and headed to see The Nut Job. Afterwards, we got pizza, had some cupcakes and a sleepover. 

Such a great group of boys--Landon, Hayden, Colton, Graham, Brayden and Luke

Carter had to get in one picture.

Carter made it to be the second to last one awake. He finally gave up in the chair. ;)

This morning, they woke up early, took a walk around our neighborhood and then played outside.

We had lots of fun celebrating my big 11 year old!!!

Btw, Cooper chose to skip the movie and stay the night with his cousin Luke. 

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Texas Mom said...

Precious! Love it! Those pics of the boys are great. Brayden had a blast!