Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Recovery/Snow day/Hoops

Well, surgery went perfectly. They had to do a little more "repair work" than planned(I had some muscle tears from having my boys) but all is good. I came home to some sweet flowers and a cute note.
Cooper's teacher helped him make this--so sweet!

Flowers from my mil

Flowers from our friends the Liles
The pain has been very manageable--mainly just achy feeling. I have to do a lot of nothing for about six weeks. No driving for the first two, if I can help it, and definitely no lifting for six. At first that sounds all wonderful--doing nothing-but it is so much harder than I imagined. I have been doing dishes and laundry(as long as someone gets it out), I fold it and put it away. My body gave me a message that I was doing too much because Sunday, I felt pretty yuck. Ok body, I hear you! Sitting more.
Luckily, my sweet sil Hillary, gave me two wonderful books to read...

I love Candace Cameron Bure. Used to love her as DJ on Full House. Now I love the honest Christian wife and mother she is. Thanks Hillary! I will let you all know how they are! 

On Friday, we got some cold weather. Yes a snow day--with very little snow. It doesn't matter how much, a little is exciting around here. I had to be inside watching but my hubby snapped a picture of the trampoline fun.
I also snapped a picture of my baby being cute outside the window. He loved the cold.

Cooper had a basketball game on Saturday and he did so great! I was so upset to miss it! Apparently, he made 5 shots. He got the star for Offense after the game and his coach nicknamed him, "nothing but net Cooper"-- he was so excited!!! Luckily my hubby sent me a video of one of the great shots!!!!

Love my #15!! 


April said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend! I know that must be so hard with your boys activities still going on but I hope you can rest and be back to normal very soon!

Amanda M. said...

Glad your recovery is going well! Enjoy the time off....let your boys spoil you a little. You deserve it! :)