Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cooper's bday celebration

Cooper had a great birthday! It was on a Friday morning and since he looks so forward to "Doughnut Friday" with my hubby, he chose to have that for breakfast instead of the traditional pancake breakfast. He did open some gifts before he left.

Cooper is all about Under Armour clothes, so he got a few outfits.

Then I took him lunch and a doughnut cake to school to share with his class. 

He had a baseball game that night so we had a party the next day. He wanted to go to a movie and have a sleep over. We saw Rio 2 in 3D. It was pretty cute!

Then we headed home for pizza and cupcakes. The boys had a blast playing on the trampoline, throwing the football, running around and playing Cooper's new Xbox. 

Carson, Charlie, Cooper, Ian and Cole

Silly boys. I love Carter off to the side in this picture. 

 The next morning, they were up and moving. A few boys left early and then Coop and a few boys went for a bike ride to the lake and played outside.
Cooper's classmates and best buds

Cooper and Cole 

Cooper has such a great group of friends! The party was simple and so much fun! I am pretty sure my big 8 year old was happy!! Success!! 

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