Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy 8th birthday Cooper!!

Today is my second baby's 8th birthday!!

I was just looking at him as he slept and thinking that it feels like yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital just in time for Easter. My Cooper Wiley is growing so fast!! He is still as busy and full of life as ever!! He is super social and so fun!! He loves any and all sports!

 If he has a spare minute in the morning or afternoon, he can be found outside. Usually, throwing the baseball or shooting hoops.

He is super smart and is doing awesome in second grade. He has really developed a love for reading. I love to see him cuddled up with a book that he can't wait to finish. He continues to have that twinkle in his eye that draws people in.

My middle boy is super curious and still likes to be into everything.  He is a person who is full of joy! Cooper keeps us on our toes each day but we wouldn't want him any other way. SO blessed and proud to be his Mama!

His was missing his two front teeth in September but they came in fast! 

Happy birthday Cooper Wiley!! I thank God each day that he chose us to be your parents!!


Hillary said...

Happy Birthday sweet Cooper! You are such an amazing and fun nephew and cousin! Love you bunches!


April said...

Happy birthday! What a cute kid he is!

Amanda M. said...

Isn't it fun to see how OLDER they look with their big-kid teeth?! Happy birthday to your sweet guy!