Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to School

Summer is over and we are back to school. My big boys started on Tuesday. Can't believe I have a 3rd grader and a 6th grader!!

Cooper started 3rd grade. He was a little nervous at drop off but he did great! 

Cooper has an awesome teacher, lots of his close friends in his class and he had a wonderful first day! He is going to do great in 3rd grade!!

Colton started Middle School!! Ahhhhh!! ;) He seemed ready to go that morning and headed in with confidence. No pictures at the school. Now that they are so big, we just drop off. =(

Anyway, unfortunately, he had a rough first day. He got in the car and the tears fell. He said he felt very overwhelmed and was afraid he couldn't meet his goals. When I asked him what his goals are he said, "honor roll and stuff." Poor guy. He puts so much pressure on himself and is such an overachiever. I know he will do great! He just needs to give himself a break. Th rest of the week was a little tough too. The nerves and worry just got the best of him. He even threw up after his first period class on the third day. We figured it was a mix of nerves and his breakfast not settling well. He felt better by lunch and was able to stick out the day. He says he misses us and his old teachers. 
He even wrote this when he was asked how he felt about his life situation. His answer was 50/50 and here is why. 
It broke my heart! 
Thank goodness, he says each day gets a little better. I know it is just a huge transition and he will do great! Right now we do lots of pep talks and prayers!

We made it to Friday! Here are my happy boys headed to have their donuts! 

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