Monday, August 25, 2014

Lots of prayer

Tomorrow school starts. Where has summer gone and why did it go so fast?!?! A new chapter begins in the morning as my older two boys head back into the classroom. Cooper will start 3rd grade. He is so excited! He got the teacher he wanted and has some of his best buddies in his class. Here are a few pictures from Meet the Teacher night.
Cooper and Mrs. Groesbeck

The third grade teachers had a photo booth set up for the kids. So fun! 

Littlest brother--Future Bobcat
It will be a big year for Cooper as the transition is challenging from 2nd grade to 3rd grade but I know my boy will do great!

A huge new chapter and transition happens tomorrow for my Colton. He is headed to 6th grade. Middle School...I can't believe it! Honestly, I have dreaded that move for a while now but I can tell my boy is ready. After a lot of tears and prayer, I think I am too. God has worked in my heart and I have a much more positive outlook on this new phase of life. I can see my oldest boy changing right before my eyes. He is really maturing and has a sense of confidence that I have prayed for him to have. He says he is not really nervous, just worried about a heavy homework load. Silly boy! Here is a picture of him in front of the school after Jag camp/orientation.

The little brothers with the Canyon Jaguar

It's gonna be a big change but I  know Colton will do great as a middle schooler!

I will continue to be super prayerful. My boys need it and deserve it! All of our kiddos, their teachers and administrators do. Found this online a while back. Can't remember where but I love it!

So excited for my boys. I know they have a great school year ahead of them!

Dear Lord,
Please protect my boys as they head back to school tomorrow. Guide their teachers as they share lots of new information with their anxious students. Please help my boys to be a light in their school each day and help them to be confident and secure as they go through their day. Help them to be diligent and respectful students and help them to be a good friend so that they will have good friends. Most of all Lord, please let your presence be felt among the hallways of Garden Ridge Elementary and Canyon Middle School! Amen! 

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