Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ski Trip

The boys had a long weekend over President's Day so we road tripped to Angel Fire, NM with some of our favorite friends, the Wuests, for sometime on the slopes. We headed out on Thursday afternoon and drove about 6 hours to Lubbock. We spent the night there and finished the other half of the drive Friday.

We arrived in great time, got checked in, got groceries, pizza for dinner and hit the sack early so we could get an early start the next morning.

Colton and Cooper had skied before when we went 4 years ago, so they took a one hour refresher lesson. Then they were off and running after that and they were awesome!

Carter took a three hour lesson with his buddies, Ryan and Morgan.

Look at our cuties with our Wuest friends. 

The next day Carter and his buddies did a day in ski school and had a blast. By the end of that afternoon, they were riding the lift to the top of the mountain and flying down. SO amazing to see!

I did get some some ski time with my hubby. Always fun! 

Us couples even got to ski together for a bit. 

My dear friend Jenni was SO patient with me as we poked down the mountain. I had built up some fear since the last time I skied and she was awesome!

Cody and Travis had been skiing together in high school and loved being able to make the big runs together this trip. 
Friends since Kinder!

Our last day of skiing was on Monday. We did half-day lift tickets and enjoyed the time to all ski together. That afternoon, the kids snow tubed. They had so much fun!

And guess what, lots of actual snow came falling down as they were tubing. So pretty and ccccold for this South Texas girl.

We spent the evening watching it snow from our balcony. 

We got up early the next day and headed home. It took a lot longer to get home because we had to go slow and careful. When we left Angel Fire it was -6!!! Couldn't believe it!!!

We had such an amazing trip!! The boys loved it and skied so great! We loved the time as a family and with our dear friends!!! We are already working on plans for next year! Here are some more random pictures....


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