Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break

Our Spring Break was last week and since we had just taken a ski trip, we decided to stay home and do some low key things around here.
The boys started off Friday right after school, with a sleepover at their friends Daniel and David's house. They had a great time!

Carter had Cody and I all to himself. He chose to go eat Whataburger and top it off with Orange Leaf. Sweet time with our baby!

Then Saturday, we went to the Wuest's creek and had fun with great friends.

Colton left early to go to a hockey game for our nephew Graham's birthday.

Monday went slept in and relaxed for a bit and then headed to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch and games. (No pictures there)
Tuesday we met cousins and friends at Thin Air trampoline park and had lunch at Chester's.

Wednesday, I took the boys to see the Spongebob movie. Oh my goodness! That one was hard to sit through. The boys didn't love it but they did like it. I did most of my laughing at the look of annoyance on Colton's face.

Thursday we headed to my friend Laci's house and the kids had fun running around together.(No pictures again) That afternoon, I picked up two extra boys for a sleepover. Carter just jumped right in and the five of them had so much fun.

Cooper and his buddy Bobby

Carter, Brayden and Colton

Friday, we took everybody home and hung out at Brayden's house for a bit. The boys ran around in the rain.

 That evening, since the rain cancelled Cooper's baseball game, we went to see McFarland, USA. It was an awesome movie! A must see!

Saturday, we went to the Big League game between the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

One of our seats had a leak right above it but we were able to sit one of us in the row right below us.The boys stood on the edge of the fence before the game in hopes of catching a ball or meeting a player. 

Sure enough a Dodgers pitcher walked over and said, "I gotta give a ball to the kid wearing a Texas Tech hat" and handed Cooper a ball. He was so excited!! 

He loves that hat and had picked it out randomly since no one we know actually went to Tech. =) Anyway, the game wasn't as exciting as we hoped and the Rangers lost pretty bad but we enjoyed our time together. 
Thankful for a fun week off and it made us ready for summer!!! 

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