Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ode to Summer

Goodbye summer, you went by too fast,
Each of our days was spent having a blast.

We got to meet Mickey and all of his friends,
We loved it and didn’t want the magic to end.

At the beach we soaked up the sand and the sun,
Catching fish and big waves is oh so much fun.

We went to NASA and learned about space,
And crawled and climbed all over the place.

Kemah was filled with neat games and rides,
The Boardwalk brings smiles no one can hide.

Sea World had Shamu and great shows,
How that whale can flip God only knows.

We spent days at Schlitterbahn and the neighborhood pool,
Splishing and splashing helped us keep cool.

We relaxed and took time to watch the sunset,
And made precious memories we will never forget.
It’s true, all good things must come to an end,So goodbye summer, we’ll miss you dear friend.


Lynn said...

You are amazing!!! That was so awesome and nearly brought a tear to my eye. I am SOOOO not ready for tomorrow. :( Love ya!!!!!

lkripp said...

The Mickey ear picture is the best!!!! Love it! And I thought I told you to not post that picture of me flipping in the water, darn you!!!! ;-)
Love ya,