Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Baptism

Today was a special day for Cody and I. We took the opportunity to get baptized. We love our church, Oakwood Baptist, and wanted to become full fledged members. In order to do that, you have to be baptized. Cody was raised Methodist and had gone through confirmation but has never been baptized. I was baptized as a six year old but barely remember it. Today was the perfect time to renew our commitment to the Lord. And what could be better than us having this wonderful experience together? Our good friend and part of our small group, Brent(also happens to be the high school pastor at Oakwood), performed the baptism and that made it that much more special to us. Our boys watched along with our family and some of our friends. It was just what we had hoped for. What a great day!


Texas Mom said...

What an awesome experience! So glad we were a part of it! We love you all!

Lynn said...

So happy for you! What an experience and to do it together is even better. Congrats!!