Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween

We had another memorable and fun Halloween! We had some of our favorite friends and family over for some pizza and a trick or treat hayride. 
Here are lots of pictures but I missed getting some of the other cuties that were with us. 

My Property of Area 51 alien, Alien Agent and Bandido(Zorro)

Ready to go!
Colton and Hayden

Cooper and Ian

Carter and Grady

My sweet friends Melissa and Jenni
Love these ladies!!

Cooper and Carson

Colton, Hayden, Austin S, Luke, Austin, Graham


Me and my baby

Graham and Colton

Carter and Opi

My mom and Nana
They are such good sports and  pass our candy every year. 

Once again, it was school night so we had to rush everything a bit. We still had lots of fun and the kids got more than enough candy. Just glad next year it will be on a Friday night!!! 

A side note:
Carter saw his costume in a catalog. I wanted to find him something more cutesy because he is only 4 after all. But he couldn't be talked into anything else. It was listed as a Bandido. Looks like Zorro to us. Anyway, he looked adorable in it and loved it!!!

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Hillary said...

It was such a fun night! Thanks for having us along!