Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hunting season has begun

As you now by now my hubby is an avid hunter. The season really starts in September for him because he bow hunts. Last weekend, he was able to shoot a trophy he is really excited about! So happy for him!

This weekend, the big boys are there with him. They enjoy going and he loves them being there. Luckily, Carter chose to stay home with Mama! (Better enjoy that while it lasts!) Anyway, I just got a text from Colton. He said it was from the son that loves me most. =) It was attached to this picture. 
He sure knows how to make his Mama feel loved! 

Oh and I am not sure I ever shared how the large Elk turned out. Here it is on the wall. 
Have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It is big but it is pretty!


AMY said...

Deer hunting season opened today here in MN. My hubby has been bow hunting, but hasn't gotten a big buck like your man has. He'd love to though!
Rifle season opened today. Lots of hunters and Blaze ORANGE everywhere!

Brandi said...

AWESOME!! I love deer season! And fried deer meat...yum!!