Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New floors!!

We had carpet in our living room and laminate wood floors in our dining room. They were both looking pretty sad. The carpet was so stained and although after getting it cleaned looked good for a bit, all the stains came right back pretty quick. The laminate wood floors were in our entry way and dining room. They had gotten so scratched up and dull looking. It was time to redo!
Cody and I picked out a ceramic tile that has the look of wood. (Kind of an early Christmas present to ourselves.) Here is the step by step as it was getting done.
                                           (The pictures don't show just how bad it was.)

Phase 2--all old floor is gone. 

Here is the after...

SO much better!! It looks so much like wood but it is way easier to clean and take care of. We love it!! 

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Brandi said...

Looks fabulous!!!!!