Thursday, March 6, 2014

A few random, good things

So March is here. Hard to believe. Time is just flying!
Catching up with some good randoms...
Cody's grandmother's 87th birthday was March 1. She is so amazing! Still on the go and staying so active. So awesome! We had a yummy lunch to celebrate with her. 
Almost all of her great grand kids. 

Grady and Carter giving Nana some love!! 

Cooper finished his basketball season. He loved it and it was so fun to watch him. He got better each and every week. We were amazed at how well he shot. The boy made at least 6 baskets each game. Lots of them were even three pointers! The last game he ended with 10 baskets. That goes to show you what practicing does. Cooper is outside shooting hoops in all of his spare time. We loved cheering him on! It was a great season. Proud of our #15!!

At the end of the last six weeks, Colton got the character award at school for Courtesy. They give one per class. I went and watched him accept his certificate on the announcements. Makes us so proud!! 

Cooper was the star student for his class recently. He was able to invite a special guest to visit his class. He chose to invite Colton. I thought that was awesome!! Colton got to spend 30 minutes with the class. He  shared how he uses reading, writing, and math in his life. He read some interesting facts about marshmallows and then quizzed the class! He also took them small bags of marshmallows as a treat. Then the kids got to ask him lots of questions. I saw Cooper's teacher later that day and she just raved on how great Colton did and how mature he is. Proud Mama! 

Cooper and his best buddy Cole
The class had to guess what Cooper put in the box.

We have already started baseball season so things will get nuts but fun around here. Both of  my big boys will play Little League again. Colton is on the Cubs this year and Cooper is on the Red Sox. Carter will be their biggest fan once again! =) 
Bring on Spring! 

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