Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break Fun-more Thursday

After Ripley's Believe it or Not Odditorium,  we went to the Wax Museum. It was pretty neat but I have to say some of the statues don't look very much like the real person. Some are pretty close though. We enjoyed checking it out.
My boys love Will Ferrell. Especially in Elf. 

The next three were pics were fun! Colton was acting seriously presidential.
Cooper was sweetly presidential. 

Carter was giving a whole speech. He had a line of people cracking up! 

                                                          Had to sit with Oprah! =)

This picture of Colton cracks me up!! He is too funny! 

On our way out, they had wax sculptures of the last supper and Jesus on the cross. Amazing to see.  

The last thing we did downtown was the 4D movies they had. They were short but pretty good. It snowed on us in one of them and that was a good way to end our day! 

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Angie said...

We went to a Ripley's Wax Museum once in TN and I was so unimpressed. I guess I expected more for the price.