Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break Fun- Friday

On Friday, we headed to a ranch in South Texas for a little one night getaway for some fishing, relaxing and smores. We went with Cody's business partner and his family who we enjoy spending time with.
Colton caught a fish pretty quickly.

Then Carter caught one as soon as Cody got the pole in the water for him. 

                                                                 He was so happy!
 But he did NOT want to touch it-at all!
My hubby really wanted him to feel inside the fish's mouth before we threw it back. Finally he did for maybe a second, with some extra encouragement from his Daddy and Coop. 

Poor Cooper was determined to catch a fish. He moved all around the water but unfortunately, he never got one. 

 Then Colton caught another one. He was so pleased with himself. =)

 This is Colton and Hallie. The boys and her get along really well. She is 9 and lots of fun.

Cute girl!! 

Love my guys!!!!
We headed home Saturday morning and spent the rest of the weekend trying to accomplish stuff around the house and getting ready for school on Monday. We were not ready for Spring break to end. Oh well, we enjoyed it and we are that much closer to summer!!

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Angie said...

You all are lucky, our kids didn't even get Spring Break this year. They took it because they missed so many days of school. Looks like you all had a great one :)