Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer fun

Our summer is already off to a busy start...
Both big boys are doing swim team this year. This is Colton's third year on the team and Cooper's first. I have said it before but I love the swim team motto but here it is again. "Better today than yesterday. Better tomorrow than today!" They had a swim meet the other day and it went really good. Both boys did well and worked really hard. They made us proud as usual.

While the boys were waiting for the turn to swim, Carter was playing and staying cool in the little pool right next to the Olympic pool. 

Other than swim team, we have had a few day camps.
Cooper went to a baseball camp at the high school. It was taught by the high school coaches and some of the varsity players. It was only three days but he really enjoyed it and seemed to learn a lot.

Colton went to the Comal County Junior Deputy Academy.  He loved it! They got to learn so much! The local AirLife air-ambulance helicopter landed at the camp, the K-9 unit, the Fire Department, and Texas Parks and Wildlife all paid a visit to the camp. They learned the dangers of drugs and alcohol by wearing the fatal vision goggles and driving petal go-carts. They also went to the jail and saw the 911 call center in action. Colton really enjoy the whole week!

We are off to a fun start!! We love summer!!!

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Angie said...

Your kiddos sure keep you busy
That deputy camp sounds awesome :)