Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Carter's bear

Today the boys made Carter a teddy bear at the Build a Bear Workshop. They loved it and did a great job! They picked a tan, very soft bear. When you push the button on the bear's hand it says in their voices "I love you Carter with my whole heart!" So cute! I love the process. They each made a wish for Carter as they put a heart inside the bear. I think they liked "washing" the bear the most. They dressed the bear in swim trunks and a shirt for summer since he will be a summer baby. It turned out adorable!
Of course, when we finished Carter's bear, they got to make one for themselves. Colton made a black bear dressed in a leather jacket and sunglasses? Cooper made a wolf dressed in jeans, a cowboy hat and boots. Oh and Omi(Cody's mom) thankfully went along with us so I wasn't alone. =) It was a great morning!

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Texas Mom said...

How precious. I love Carter's bear. The others are cute too. Let me know how you are doing!