Friday, June 12, 2009

Tooth Fairy Stop Here!

Colton has had two verrry loose teeth for a couple of weeks now. One was looser than the other and had a permanent tooth pushing against it. The other was loose too but not as pushed. Anyway, this evening he bumped his mouth on our little garage refrigerator and one of the teeth fell out. After the shock wore off, he was so excited! He called his grandparents and asked them if they wanted to come see. Of course they said yes and rushed over and checked out the newly vacant spot on his bottom gums. Later, his Mammy talked him into pulling the other one. He has safely placed his teeth in a glow in the dark tooth capsule for the tooth fairy to pick up tonight on her evening route. Hard to believe my boy is old enough to be losing teeth.
In the picture in the blue shirt, you can see that he has just lost the one tooth. The others show him with both teeth missing and with his tooth capsule.

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Lynn said...

Finally!!! Yay for Colton!