Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

I am so proud of my hubby and the Daddy that he is! He is that Dad that comes home from work and gets straight to playing with his boys. He doesn't even take a minute to change his clothes or sit down. He helps with baths and bedtime without being asked to. He says it is more time he gets with his boys.(It helps me a lot too.) I love that he is teaching our boys what being a godly man is and what being a good husband is too. They have a great role model to pattern after and they love him so much! I do too! We are so lucky to have him!

Cody and I are also so lucky to have two wonderful fathers in our lives. They would bend over backwards to help us. They are wonderful grandfathers as well. My Dad and I have always been close and now he has a close relationship with my boys. He will do anything to make any of us happy or help us out. I rarely heard no as a child from my Dad and my boys don't hear it very often either. Their Papa loves to spoil them rotten!!!

Cody's Dad is awesome as well. He was obviously a great role model for Cody. My boys have a close relationship with their Opi too. He loves to spend time with them and to give them the fun they want. I sure have some AMAZING men in my life! I feel so blessed that our kiddos are growing up with grandparents that love them so much and want to spend time with them whenever they can. Lucky boys!

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