Saturday, January 21, 2012

First basketball game

This afternoon was Colton's first basketball game of the season! His team name is the Grizzles and they played really well. Colton did great! He was awesome on defense and after some warm up time, he was getting the hang of being on offense too. My boy was hustlin' out on that court. He was worn out but really enjoyed it! In the Upward league, after each game, each player receives a star for what they contributed best during that game. Colton got the star for defense. Way to go #12!
I love how they pray right before they start. 
My boy playing defense

Grabbing some water after a good hustle.

Getting open on offense

The end of the game 

Omi, Opi,  & Mammy cheered him on (Papa was at the deer lease)

Colton with his biggest fan---Cooper=)

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