Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A little tidbit

Just wanted to do a post about something Colton said today because it is one of those things I want to remember. He and Cooper were talking about how Colton wanted to be a video game designer when he grew up. Cooper kind of gave him a weird look and then Colton said, "The reason I want to be a video game designer is so I can watch my artwork come to life." I thought that sounded so smart, mature and reasonable to me. He is growing up too fast!!
He still loves to pause whatever show he is watching or video game he is playing to draw it. I love this! He pays such close attention to the details and does such a great job. Here is a quick little drawing he made of a scene from the Cut the Rope game he has on his iTouch.

In case you haven't seen this game, here is a similar scene from it. I have to admit it is kindof addicting.

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KERRY said...

What a clever little man you are growing there Melanie!!