Friday, January 13, 2012

Going to the Chapel

Tomorrow is the big wedding of Cody's sister, Stacy and her fiance, Jason. Tonight was the rehearsal and it went well. It was followed by a delicious Italian dinner. I cannot wait for tomorrow! I love weddings!! I love everything about them from the dress, to the music, to the cake, to the dinner and dancing. I am so happy for Stacy and Jason! Stacy is going to be a beautiful bride! They are a great match and it is going to be an amazing day! I cannot wait to see my boys all dressed up in their little vests and ties. I assure you, there will be lots of pictures. =)
Here is a picture of my boys with the bride and groom....


KERRY said...

Hahaha when I saw this on FB I thought geez Melanie looks so different in this picture (because I thought it was you and the groom I thought was your husband) I was way off now reading this is actually the bride and groom and not you or Cody lol
Great picture anyway and have a good time!!
Congratulations to the happy couple :)

Brandi said...

Aw, cute pic!! Have fun!!! I love weddings!!!!!!