Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Weekend

Well, it is Monday again and we had a pretty simple weekend. So here it is in a nutshell.
Friday night we took Cooper's fabulous teacher dinner(which Cooper helped make) because she has been dealing with some health issues. Then we grabbed some burgers and came home to pay per view a movie. The boys chose Judy Moody's Not So Bummer Summer. (We had read several of the books in the series about her little brother Stink.) Anyway, they loved this movie. It was super cute!! Definitely one to buy on dvd.

Then on Saturday, Colton had a basketball game and did really great! He really hustled and got the star for effort this week. Here he is all serious about throwing in the ball...

That evening we had a birthday party to go to for my nephew Luke. He turned the big 5!!! His party was at Peter Piper Pizza. It was pretty crowded but the kids had a blast! My hubby had to be at something for work ALL day so that explains the lack of pictures. =(

Yesterday, my poor baby woke up with a croupy cough and a fever. We were supposed to spend the afternoon at my in laws making sausage but with Carter sick he and I stayed home. Cody and the big boys went and worked hard. Well, the boys played with their cousins and had fun. Carter and I played around here. He brought me our bucket of Mr. Potato Head and we made some cute characters. He loves Mr. Potato Head and will spend forever building potato people. =)
Here is Carter with a Pirate, Woody, Jesse and Buzz.

A pirate and Woody

Jesse and Buzz Lightyear

The back of Buzz and Jesse. 
I love this next tourist set we got at Disney World. How fun it is the little Mickey Ice Cream? 

They think of everything!

After some potato head fun, Carter and I had lunch at my parents(they don't care if he is sick), then we came home and he took about a four hour nap. He needed it!
We spent the evening doing the usual Sunday routine. Dinner, baths, reading a few books and getting to bed so my big boys are ready for the busy week.
Well, my little man just woke up and is pretty miserable. Still coughing and running fever. Looks like we are headed to the Dr. =(
Happy Monday everyone!!

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Christa @ the meandminebook said...

I LOVE the little Mickey ice cream!
We go to Disney as much as possible and the Mickey ice creams are a HUGE hit!