Monday, March 19, 2012


We had a great time at The Legoland Discovery Center on Thursday of our  Spring Break! It was smaller than I expected but it was lots of fun!

When you get in they lead you to their "Factory". It is a cute little area where they tell you how the Legos are made.

After they take you through their "Factory", you come to a ride. You ride in a car and shoot laser guns at different Lego bad guys to help save the dragon eggs. It was fun and the boys loved it. (No pictures cause we were all in the same car and I was busy "shooting.") =)Here is the poster right before you get on...

Then we went straight over to another ride called Merlin's Apprentice. It was cute. You pedalled and the cart you were in would go up and down. It was another one the boys really enjoyed!

After that we just played around. The boys made Lego cars to race on the track....

 Here is Colton (with some random people) racing his car...
 It won!(Can you see it in the checkered zone?) He was so excited!!

Carter and Cooper loved the Duplo area for ages 2-5. We actually had a hard time getting Carter to leave it...

Colton came in and watched his brothers for a bit. 
There was also a lego city that had mini replicas of places around the Dallas area. So cool. The details are amazing! 

Colton in front of an amazing model of Great Wolf Lodge--one of our favorite places to go. 

State Fair

We also saw a 4D Lego movie that was pretty cute and the big boys played in a fun play scape area. That was our only issue... Carter was too small to go into it so he was hysterical. I was trying to calm him down and so I forgot to take pictures of that area. I  loved that your kids couldn't get out of that area unless a parent came and got them.
Overall, we loved our time at Legoland!  After we left there, we went and took long naps so that we could head to the aquarium for the evening. 


Veronika said...

Looks like a blast!! We had a Dallas / Grapevine trip planned too for SB but cancelled last minute because of the weather! How funny if our paths crossed there haha
I know those boys must have had a ton of fun there!

KERRY said...

This looks like so much fun!! My son would love it :)
Those big Lego bricks are seriously cute and not so easy to be stood on!!
I bet your boys loved this day :)

Hillary said...

Wow, now I really can't wait to take the boys!! They will have a blast!