Sunday, March 25, 2012


Yesterday Cody and I headed to Kerrville for Matt and Jaclyn's wedding! First of all,we were able to meet some of our favorite friends for a wonderful lunch on the way there. Perfect way to start our time away. Then we got to the hotel(which a huge group of us stayed in), took a cat nap, got ready and then we all got on a shuttle that took us to the beautiful outdoor location. The wedding was so pretty...out by a gorgeous lake and a couple that were glowing with love.

Here we are in the beautiful setting....
The reception was so laid back and fun. This is the cake table with yummy cupcakes...
They also had a food truck that served such delicious stuff all night...

 And there was a smores table--yummy!!

We danced the night away and had so much fun celebrating with the newlyweds and some of our best friends. 

The beautiful bride!!
Laci and I--we didn't plan to match=)

Laci, Jenni, me and Melissa
LOVE these ladies!

Laci and David

Clay and Melissa

Cody and I
LOVE my handsome hubby!! 

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bustos!!!
And I thought this was we boarded our shuttle back to the hotel at midnight, we saw this...
...a table full of tacos from Whataburger with a sign that said Whatanight! So clever right?!

After we got back to the hotel we hung out for a while. Then we all finally went to bed around 1:30am. We woke up this morning and a group of us met up to eat at Cracker Barrel.
 I loved having a night away with my hubby and so much time with our friends. It was a great night and a perfect wedding! 
Thanks Mama and Daddy for spoiling taking care of our boys so we could go enjoy ourselves!! They had a great time too! 
We definitely missed our boys and this is how we spent our evening...
Excuse the weeds in the background. We have had lots of rain lately and not a lot of time at home. =)
SO happy to get home to my little men. 


KERRY said...

The bride certainly is beautiful and you are so very pretty too!! What a great looking wedding, so fun!! I love your dress, the theme of the wedding, the fact you got to get away and have a little time with your husband :)
Yummy food too!!

Hillary said...

What a fun looking wedding! So glad that ya'll got the chance to get away for some good quality time!


Texas Mom said...

Look at that playground! Forget Landa Park.... we are going to jump your fence when we need park time!