Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ground Breaking

Our church is full of families with young children. So many that we needed a new building in order to accommodate all of the classes of kiddos. The construction just started recently and last night was the ground breaking ceremony. It was a simple but fun event. The kiddos all got hard hats and the older kids choir group sang a sweet song. After that, we all sang and said a prayer for the people working on the building and the future of the church and the children. Then we all released yellow balloons and ended the evening with ice cream sandwiches. 

So exciting to see the changes being made. Can't wait to see the new building!!!


Hillary said...

Oh that last picture just game me chills! It's so gorgeous! And how exciting to be getting such a wonderful new building. The boys (and soo many others) will have such awesome memories of it!


KERRY said...

Tell your boys I saw all of those yellow balloons fly over Australia today!!
That's great about the new building!!