Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meeting the Mayor

The whole group--two classes
Colton is studying local government in Social Studies. So on Thursday, they took a mini field trip over to the city hall and met Jay Feibelman--the Mayor of Garden Ridge. The class spent about 30 minutes asking the mayor tons of funny and interesting questions. The mayor was good sport in answering them all.
Colton's class with the mayor

Colton really wanted to shake his hand=)

After the Q&A session, they got to tour the police department with the police chief. They were most impressed by the interrogation room and the holding cell. =) They also got to check out a police car.
"Driving" a police car
 This next picture cracks me up. It is of Colton and his best buddy Hayden in the back of the police car. We better never see them in the back of one of these again!!

This was a great way to spend the morning and reinforce what they have been learning. They all loved it!!!

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