Friday, March 22, 2013

Photo Flashback

This is seriously funny! My fourth grade class picture. I am sure you can spot my feathered bangs and terrible red shirt with lawn chairs on it(??), tucked in tightly to my high waisted jeans. Wow...just wow! My hubby is on the top row in a cool plaid shirt, second boy from the left, with his eyes closed. So funny because he has his eyes closed in lots of pictures as a kid and he still struggles with that issue. ;) Anyway, hilarious picture but pretty cute huh?

Side note: This is the year my hubby and I started "going together." He wrote me a note asking me to circle yes or no. We went together for two years. =) Then again in middle school for a while and finally again our senior year for forever!


April said...

Wow! That is so neat and so unique that you two have been together that long!

Hillary said...

I LOVE this picture! You should soo frame it and hang it up proudly! :)Seriously! How many other people have this same love story :)?


Kerry said...

That is an awesome and sweet love story and one to surely tell the grandkids ;) I cannot believe you guys have been together (on and off) for like 26 or so years lol, that is beautiful and crazy to think!!! Obviously meant to be :) xoxo