Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Break Begins

The boys didn't have school yesterday because the teachers had a work day. So our Spring break started early! Yay for 10 straight days of no school!! We plan to enjoy every minute.
We started it off great!
Yesterday morning we went to Carter's best buddy Ryan's birthday party at Natural Bridge Caverns. We did the Canopy Challenge and Mining Sluice. SO.MUCH.FUN. We have done these things before but we always have a blast. (Watch the Canopy Challenge video on that page and you will see us in it.) The Canopy Challenge is a four-tiered ropes course complete with zip lines. SO we all got harnessed up and started climbing.
Colton took off and never looked back, heading as high as it goes and dancing on the zipline. No fear in that one. =)

The last time we were there Cooper was pretty nervous and wanted me with him the whole time, he also did not go on the zip line. This time he took off on his own and went to the top. And with a little encouragement, he went on the zip line--twice. SO proud of him.

 There is a very cool toddler area but Carter wanted to go up high, so he and I headed up. We made it to the third tier and then he got a little nervous and was ready to get down--impressive for a three year old. (I have no pictures of Carter cause I couldn't take my camera up there for obvious reasons). SO glad my hubby took the morning off to join us.

After the super high fun, we mined for gems and fossils. The boys love this. 

Thanks for inviting us to your party Ryan! We had a great time!!
Carter and his "best friend" Ryan

That evening, we got to celebrate with my nephew Graham for his 11th birthday. We all went to this very cool pizza place called Big Lou's pizza. They are known for you guessed it, BIG pizzas. Well, our table got the BIG one. 

"Working" on their big slice.

Insane right? So fun and yummy too!! Happy birthday Graham!! 


Natalie said...

Oh wow that looks like tons of fun!

Kerry said...

Hi Melanie! So good to hear that you guys have been enjoying life lately (a little too high for my liking lol). Actually, truth be told, I think zip-lining looks so fun and I would probably do it :)
I bet your boys loved every minute, nothing like flying through the sky (on a thin wire lol). It is so great to catch up with you, I have been such a slack friend lately :( I am looking forward to playing catch up with your posts. Enjoy Spring Break, it is always good to have a break from the everyday routine of school life. Hope you are all keeping well xo

Katie said...

That zip line is awesome! You're such a cool mom. ; ) Such handsome boys!!

I can't get over that pizza! I have never seen one that big.