Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful mother's day! My boys were all excited to give me the sweet gifts they made at school.
Colton wrote me a sweet letter...
Cooper made a me a cute little booklet...

And Carter made me a cute fingerprint picture...

My hubby and the boys gave me some pretty Pandora charms--camera charm, guardian angel charm and the language of love charm. Love them all. I also got a Willow Tree figurine I have been wanting. I had the one with the mom and two boys but I needed a third boy. So Cody got me the bigger, individual boy and I put them together. Made me so happy!

 We went to church and then we had a yummy brunch at my brother and sil's  house. The kids got to run around outside and have lots of fun with their cousins and I got to enjoy relaxing a bit with my hubby, my  parents and brother and Laura.
Here is a picture of my mom and I. I can't express to you how much I love this woman. She is amazing! We have been through a lot together lately and I am just so grateful for her. She really is my best friend!

Me, my Mama and my sil Laura
After naps, we headed to Cody's sister's house for a yummy dinner. We spent the evening enjoying the wonderful weather and watching the kids run around. Except, while we ate inside, the men ate outside with the kids. My sil Stacy, sil Hillary, mil and Nana got to enjoy a peaceful meal. It was so nice! 

Colton, Omi, Cooper and Carter

My boys with their Great Grandmother "Nana"
Lucky to still have her with us!

I just love this next cartoon! So cute! 


April said...

Glad you had a good Mother's Day and I love all the things they made for you. Love the Willow Tree figurines too!

Texas Mom said...

You are definitely SUPER mom! I have always said that!